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Your Quick & Dirty One-Click Insight, AutoML Engine

Please note, this is only an academic tool used to teach data science. This site uses cookies to tie a user to an uploaded dataset. All datasets upload are deleted after a few hours. If your data is confidential, sensitive, private, etc., please do not upload it.

For more in-depth analysis, to run more larger data sets or to get predictions on live data, please click on the Members button (coming soon).


ALPHA Version 1.02

Ability to upload external CSV for modeling - 16MB size limit

ALPHA Version 1.01

Demo data sets tied to session cookies along with ability to exclude features and visualize target variable

ALPHA Version 1.00

This tool is a simple AutoML engine. It is desinged to quickly yield insight out of a CSV file for a variety of target variables (binary, continuous, classes, etc.).